After spending 30+ years as a graphic artist, I have lately devoted all my efforts into combining a love of history with illustration, as well as struggling with the new found discipline of writing.


I began my career as a typographer setting photo-type into the wee hours for ad agencies and design studios. I later used my experience to teach at Drexel University in Philadelphia, and worked free-lance for many clients.


My first book, The Illustrated Delaware River: The History of a Great American River, is an illustrated historical travelogue filled with 140 original drawings and paintings that follows the entire length of the legendary river.


My second effort, Before Penn: An Illustrated History of the Delaware River Colonies, 1609-1682, tells the fascinating story of the struggle among the most powerful nations of Europe for control of the Delaware Valley, years before William Penn’s acquisition of Pennsylvania. 


A third volume, The Book of Wedges, is nearing  completion. It also delves into the rich history of the Delaware Valley.


I intend on living out the rest of my days in historic New Jersey.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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