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Inspired by one man’s genius approach to settling an argument by citing a fictitious authority, this book weaves a combination of stories of a picturesque beachfront community and one of the most common of man-made objects…the wedge. Told through the use of fifty original illustrations.


Over 150 original illustrations enhance this collection of historic treasures of the Delaware Valley. From hoagies, hats, highways, lighthouses, well-known and obscure places and events, famous people, not-so-famous people, and historic items that are just as relevant now as in the past of this remarkable region of the American landscape.


A sampling of the more than 100 illustrations used to enhance the compelling story of the initial settlement of the Delaware Valley by Europeans. In addition to native inhabitants, explorers, colonists, and flora and fauna, ten detailed maps have been carefully rendered to provide a regional, as well as global perspective.


140 illustrations have been carefully crafted to enhance an historic journey along one of America’s most beloved waterways. From Cape Henlopen, at the very mouth of the river, to its source in the Catskill Mountains of New York, there are many stops, and starts, along the way to savor and enjoy.

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